Move out Procedure

We hope that your living accomodations and rental experience with CHAD have been satsifactory and memorable. As you prepare to move from your residence,  please follow the move out procedures below. 

1) Submit a 60-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate:  All tenants must complete a 60-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate prior to the expiration of the lease. This form is available at CHAD's offices and can be picked up, mailed or emailed to you. Verbal notices are not accepted nor honored. Failure to provide written notice utilizing the required 60-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate form will cause the tenant to be responsible for all rent until the unit is rented to new tenants, late fees and other related turnover costs.

Early Lease Termination: For residents who desire to terminate their lease during the term of their rental contract, CHAD will permit Early Lease Termination. In order to submit a request for Early Termination, CHAD requires a minimum 60 day notice and a fee of one month's rent. Residents must sign a Early Lease Termination Addendum with a Property Manager and pay the required fee at the time of signing. Please consult with a CHAD property manager for more information.

2) Continue Paying Rent: Tenants are responsible for rent up to their last day of their 60-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate or until their lease expires, whichever is longer. Tenants cannot use their security deposit as their last month's rent.

3) Clean the Property:  Residents are advised to clean the unit thoroughly so that additional cleaning charges are not subtracted from the security deposit refund. The unit must be returned in the same condition that it was given to the leasholder upon move-in. CHAD Property Managers will be the sole determiner of cleaniness upon the move-out inspection (detailed below). 

4) Surrender all Keys: Tenants must turn in all keys by the date of the property inspection. Otherwise, they will continue to be charged rent until all keys are turned in. In addition, failure to turn in keys will result in additional charges to the tenant to change all locks on the property.

5) Schedule a Move-out inspection:  CHAD requires a move-out inspection of the unit to be vacated. Residents have the right to be present at the inspection. The inspection will not occur until all of the resident's personal belonging have been removed from the premises. Move-out should occur on the last day of the month unless prior arrangements have been made for early departure. No follow-up inspections are made therefore tenants are advised to have all maintenance completed and the unit cleaned prior to the inspection.  

6) Damages/Repairs: After completion of the inspection and the return of all keys, the Property Manager will determine the extent of any damages or repair to the unit and provide the tenant(s) with a copy of the move out inspection report that details all charges to be deducted from the deposit. Please note that charges for damages are not limited to the amount of the security deposit. Tenants are liable for all damages and repairs that are beyond normal wear and tear if they are directly caused by the tenant or a member of the household. 

7) Await Refund of Security Deposit : If the resident is entitled to a refund of the security deposit, a check will be mailed to the forwarding address within 4 weeks time. Residents will NOT receive a refund of the full security deposit if there is damage to the unit, the unit has not been cleaned or there are delinquent rent amounts owed to CHAD.

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