Housing Quality Inspections (HQS)

As part of the Lease Renewal process, CHAD residents will receive a Housing Quality Inspection (HQS) annually. The purpose of an HQS inspection is to ensure the CHAD rental unit is being well maintained and there are no lease violations.  We encourage residents to take pride in their homes by always maintaining good housekeeping. HQS Inspections are scheduled annually and/or before a lease renewal is offered. The expectation is for residents to maintain their homes with good housekeeping and report any maintenance repairs and/or pest issues immediately.  Inspections are scheduled with at least a 48-hour notice. Your presence is welcomed, but not necessary. The inspection cannot be completed if there is anyone under the age of 18 years old or anyone present that is not on the lease.  Below is a Housekeeping Checklist to help you prepare for your next HQS inspection.


This checklist outlines the items that need to be completed to have a successful inspection.

  • Clean stove & oven

  • Clean range hood

  • Clean Refrigerator

  • Wash dishes

  • Mop & Sweep Floors

  • Vacuum carpeting / shampoo carpets if needed

  • Wipe down countertops and cabinets

  • Pick up clutter from countertops and tabletops

  • Clean all vents

  • Clean toilets, tubs, sinks, mirrors

  • Dust all surfaces

  • Clean windows/blinds

  • Wipe down walls if needed

  • Make the beds

  • Fold and put away laundry

  • Put away toys

  • Take garbage out

  • Don’t leave personal items in the hallway and/or laundry room

  • Clean up balconies, remove clutter. Only outdoor furniture allowed

  • Ensure smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are working properly

  • Replace furnace and a/c filters if applicable.

  • Cut grass, trim bushes, and pull-out weeds if applicable

  • Yard free of debris and clutter

  • Shovel/plow snow if applicable

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